Every customer is unique, but with well elaborated processes as a foundation we can work in an efficient way and make sure we benefit from the wide range of our operations – regardless of what result you want to achieve. A well-functioning process is equally important for the actual manufacturing as it is for the administrative aspects of the business.

The only way to be able to keep our customers satisfied and to stay ahead of competition is to continue improving every aspect of what we do within our company.

There are aspects to consider when a project moves from conceptual stage to finalized product. To start with: to reach a business agreement involves a lot more than finding the suitable pricing.

To us at Frohe sales are about undertaking long term commitment for a customer’s growth and development as well as their products. Through a clear and elaborate sales process we can ensure that when we come to a business agreement we and the customers have a clear and common vision of what we want to achieve and how to get there.
At Frohe, we work with a clear process for developing products, which, in combination with Frohe’s solid technical knowledge, helps us to meet the customers’ requests for solid manufacturing processes.

Several of Frohe Group’s customers have high demands for documentation and traceability in every development- and production stage of a project. A project is not completed when the product in itself is manufactured. At Frohe we put equal high importance on the post-market process.

Frohe’s post-market process has been developed to offer our clients a high level of service in the form of technical competence and support when it comes to product care and regulatory demands.