Customer TestimonialS

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As a product developer at DeLaval, I have worked a long time with Frohe. During our partnership he has become a valuable sounding board for me, in both specific and general subjects. Our discussions always include a give and take and we have a clear communication which I truly appreciate. If I had to list the top three reasons to hire Frohe I would say: high skills, high level of service and a solid organization that always gives us all the support we need.
— Leif Lindholm, Group Manager, Mechanical Engineering, DeLaval
As a manufacturer of medical technical equipment, our partnership with Frohe goes back a long way and we have recently chosen to place further more production with them. One of the main reasons for our decision is that Frohe in a clear way expresses and shows that they are driven by an ambition to grow and develop. They are determined to invest in our industry, despite it demanding a lot such as ISO13485-certificate, high level of competence among employees, high demands for traceability documentation, communication, process control etcetera. The willingness to develop alongside the customers, the increasing external demands and the fact that they invest in resources for the competence needed, make Frohe a great partner.
— Sven Ohnander, Supplier Manager, Mindray Medical Sweden AB
With Frohe, there is only oil in the machinery, never gravel. Being self-employed, time is more scarce than anything and I must therefore have oil in all parts of my operations. That means that I need to have suppliers I can truly rely on. I have worked together with Frohe since 1998 and since the start it has always worked extremely well. I have never had a reason to consider turning elsewhere. Even if I am a small customer, I can tell that they really do everything to make it work. Frohe knows their business and they want to be in the forefront – that means a lot to me.
— Ove Hallberg, CEO, Geonordic