For 25 years Frohe Group has been producing injection moulded plastic parts and assembly units of the highest quality for use in a range of industries. Innovative production technologies enable us to deliver superior functionality and design quality with optimised production costs. We offer full-service production - from injection moulding individual parts to a ready-for-sale product.  Our clean-room production fulfils the strictest requirements for cleanliness in accordance with ISO standards. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our production methods.

We like challenges, complex projects and the opportunity to develop and grow together with our customers – from concept to fully assembled product.

TWO plants for every need

Frohe Group currently has two production plants in order to meet our customers’ wide range of needs. Since we are present in both Sweden and in Poland, we can adjust the production so that it always suits the project perfectly even when the conditions change over time.

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Medical and high end-production, Tyresö, Sweden

At our plant in Tyresö in Stockholm we focus on cleanroom production and assembly, with high requirements for documentation, secure processes and traceability down to every detail. The Frohe Group headquarters is also located at the Tyresö plant. 

Manufacturing Partner, Wroclaw, Poland

Frohe Group’s Polish operations focus on production and assembling. In many cases, the plant functions as a good complement for those customers who need a wide range of services for their projects, both when it comes to development, various production methods, and assembling in lower and midrange volumes.

Production Methods

Frohe Group develops in partnership with the customers and that also goes for our production methods.  If your need is in line with our core operations, we will continue to grow with you. 

Below, you can learn more through a description of the production methods we currently use.

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  • Moulding of thermoplastic

  • 2K moulding

  • Moulding in cleanroom

  • Assembling in cleanroom

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • In line tampo printing

  • 3D printing

  • Tool workshop

  • Glue bonding

  • Surface treatment using plasma

  • UV glue bonding

  • Laser welding

  • Manual assembling

  • Customized automated lines for assembling

  • Managing sterilization process

  • Labelling for marketing

  • CNC milling machine connected to injection moulding machine for special operations


On a regular basis, Frohe Group invests in new equipment. We look at it as an efficient way to continue to grow at the same pace as our customers. And we see it as a matter of course to always check every investment with the company’s environment policy in order to continue to make conscious environmental choices. 

It is equally as important to preserve the existing equipment as it is to invest in new technology. Therefore we calibrate all service agreements on a regular basis in order to ensure that a process that is established one year is as valid the following year.

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  • Laser welder

  • 6 axis industrial robots

  • Blister packaging machines

  • Weld sealing bag machines

  • Zip bag packaging machine

  • Injection moulding machines 25-420 tonne

  • 2K injection moulding machines , 160-210 tonne

  • UL welders, power 2000-3000W

  • Tampo printers with 2 colors

  • 3D printers

Have any questions about our production methods or the technologies and equipment that we use? Don't hesitate to contact us!