For more than 25 years Frohe Group has been producing injection moulded plastic parts and assembly units of the highest quality for use in a range of industries - including MedTech, Agriculture, Appliances (white goods) an Automotive. Innovative production technologies enable us to deliver superior functionality and design quality with optimised production costs. 

Different industries often have the same requirements when it comes to validation and traceability. Both large and small companies hire Frohe Group services. What all of our customers have in common more than anything, is a certain level of complexity in their projects. We welcome challenges and believe in continuing to grow at the same pace as our customers’ needs.

Through offering our services all the way from conceptual stage to finalized deliverable products we are a long-term and reliant supplier. Our goal is to help Frohe Group’s customers with overall solutions.


At Frohe Group, it is important that our employees feel safe and secure in their workplace. Therefore we have developed a number of policies that clearly describe our values and they serve as a concrete support in our daily work.

For example: Our goal with the work environment policy is for employees to be exposed to minimal risk of injury, promote health and well-being. We believe this leads to a more efficient organization and better quality.

We have an equal opportunities policy which helps us to combat structural inequalities and ensure that everyone has the same opportunity for professional development. We also have a policy to prevent the occurrence of harassment in the workplace that gives guidelines on how to act on any inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. It also covers any drug -related issues.

We have an environmental policy which serves as a guide for us in our efforts to contribute to a safe future without threatening pollution.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about how we work to create a good working environment for our employees.