Strengthening of the project team

As of August 19, Frohe AB's project team is strengthened by Jonas Johansson who will take the roll as project manager.

Jonas has a vast experience within project management and is accustomed to run international

cross-functional teams and solving quality issues at a high pace while maintaining the highest quality.

Jonas describes himself as a "generalist with a great interest in technology and expert knowledge within structural strength."

We welcome Jonas to the team and wish him the best of luck in his new roll!

Jonas 2.jpg

New tools arrived!

The mould, or tool, is the heart of the injection moulding process. Without a well-designed, high quality tool the chances are that the product will be imperfect or change with time.

At Frohe we have a few carefully selected tool manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, to cover all of our customer’s needs. In close collaboration we go through the design for manufacturing (DFM) and help our customers to implement changes and improvements to the detail in order to optimize production performance and detail quality.

By ordering your tools through Frohe you ensure a cost effective and safe way to get your products in production without delays and with the highest quality.


2018 - a strong and interesting year; comments from the CEO

We close 2018 which has been a strong year for the Frohe Group.

Several new agreements have been signed, both with new and existing customers; ensuring continued mutual success.

Among others, we welcome Thule, Calmark Sweden AB and Cavis Technologies AB.

 Frohe Group has taken a number of important steps during the year to further improve our position and opportunity for future growth.

In Poland, certification according to IATF has been implemented and an investment in a new 2K injection moulding machine, which will be the group's fourth, has been done.

In Tyresö we have joined the “Produktionslyftet” project, invested in and commissioned our first collaborative robot and invested in a new electric injection moulding machine, the third in the group, which also becomes our future standard concept.

 We believe in a strong 2019 and that we together with our customers will build the company further.

Our focus on being able to offer design and construction work has been well received and we will develop the "consulting part" further during 2019.

 Welcome with your inquiries and the opportunity to grow with us.

-  Mårten Samuelsson, founder & CEO


Frohe AB signs agreement with Calmark Sweden AB

Calmark is developing a point-of-care (POC) diagnostic instrument to make measuring biomarkers for medical conditions in newborns easier and faster. The measuring instrument can document and measure results on the premises, in close proximity to the patient. 
The company's POC instrument consists of a reader and a disposable product that is placed into the reader during measurement.

The disposable product consists of a separate chamber in which the blood sample is placed. When the lid of the reader closes, the disposable product is activated and the blood sample reaches the filter design. Some of the filters are permeated with chemicals, which react with the relevant substance and produce a color change. This sequence of events takes place in a matter of a few minutes and is patented by the company.

The agreement between Calmark and Frohe covers the production and assembly of the disposable cartridge.


New Sales Manager


As of August 20 th 2018 Frohe Group has strengthened its workforce with Kristofer Westerberg who has taken the role as sales manager in customer projects. He is based at the Frohe AB head office in Tyresö, Stockholm.

Kristofer has a M.Sc. in chemical engineering with focus on polymeric materials. He has more than 10 years of experience from project-based sales of analytical instruments within the life science and polymer industry.

In his own words Kristofer describes his new role as: “Frohe Group is an innovative company with a large in-house know-how and great growth potential. The corporate culture is reflected by team spirit and customer focus, where mutual goals and quality are in the center. With great enthusiasm I look forward to be a part of the Frohe team and to contribute with my own experience, as well as to constantly evolve together and always put the customer’s needs first.”

To contact Kristofer use phone +46 8 556 599 80 or e-mail